Graduation show 2019

Funen Art Academy’s graduation exhibition 2019
16 May to 27 June 2019. Vernissage Thursday, 16 May, 5-9 pm in the Sculpture Hall.

Funen Art Academy presents this year’s Graduation Exhibition – BETWEEN THE ROCK AND THAT HARD GROUND – with works by eight artist: Allan Cruz, Heidi Phoebe Nicolaisen, Jesper Nørbæk, Magnus Fischer Vind, Morten Warborg Hansen, Nanna Katharina Jensen, Nina Helledie and Simon Fiil.

The works in the exhibition have a broad scope; from a fictional company, who’s commercials for first world-class products fill the screens to a buzzing massage chair enclosed by a room covered with ceramic tongues, further on to a divers examination of the exchange between human and machine, and the way we deal with each other in the grind of everyday life and virtuality.

Underneath the magnifying glass our existing society and its view of humanity is seen in an advanced condition of collapse. In this era humanity finds itself in a special predicament, quickly shaping two trenches of premonitions – either a choir of apocalyptic lament or a cult surrounding the future super-human, in all ways depending on being tuned, modelled and modified. What is scary about these mind-sets is the reality if they come to a deadlock, and with a wide range of perspectives and approaches the young artists deal with these issues through contemporary art, by positioning themselves in the gap – where fragility and resistance are valued equally. If everyday life was a pressure-cooker, the artists are taking the temperature, before or while everything burns, hereby directing critical attention to the society, environment, politics, economy, ethics, science and technology.

BETWEEN THE ROCK AND THAT HARD GROUND describes a collection of positions and perspectives from a divers year with eight practises, all seeking in one way or another to effect our realm of understanding for what it means to be human in these complex times. Thematically, in unison with completely different expressions, tying together a narrative, which both tries to reveal and disclose what hardships and longings our age is comprised of. It is done through the material, it is done through the body, and it is to be experienced in the classical museum building on Jernbanegade 13, now housing Funen Art Academy.

Artists: Allan Cruz, Heidi Phoebe Nicolaisen, Jesper Nørbæk, Magnus Fischer Vind, Morten Warborg Hansen, Nanna Katharina Jensen, Nina Helledie og Simon Fiil.

Curator: This year’s Graduation Exhibition is curated by Karen Vestergaard Andersen: freelance curator et al. for: Læsø Kunsthal, The State Museum of Oriental Art, Moscow and Kunstquartier Bethanien, Berlin, loyal part of Astrid Noacks Atelier and co-founder of the curator collective Macho Llorando [ withTobias Ewé og Elin Ljungkvist ]

Opening: May 16th 2019, 5 – 9 pm in the Sculpture Hall.
Exhibition period: 16th of May – 27th of June 2019, Monday through Thursday from 10 am to 3.30 pm.

Catalogue launch
Funen Art Academy publishes an exhibition catalogue designed by Alexis Mark in connection with the Annual Graduation Exhibition, launching June 8th at 1 pm at the Academy in Odense.

During the exhibition there will be held an open reading group initiated by Heidi Nikolaisen.

Funen Art Academy’s Graduation Exhibition is supported by Odense Kommunes Kulturpulje, Møllerens Fond and Toyota Fonden.