Graduation show 2016

Kamilla Askholm Jørgensen
Elements of fear and borders  

Oak, bog oak, ocean sound (loop), text

For the exhibition, Kamilla Askholm Jørgensen has created a space for dialogue, discussion and reflection. Here, she has placed an oak bench that follows the shape of the room, thus forming a semicircle. As part of the work, Askholm Jørgensen has asked 150 people with various backgrounds and nationalities about their relationship to the concepts of ‘fear’ and ‘limits’. The replies she received hang as quotations in the space, where the audience is also encouraged to share their own reflections — personal and political — on the two concepts. Furthermore, the installation forms the setting for a special programme of two workshops that illuminate the theme in various ways. Sound recordings of the ocean add an auditory layer in the space, accentuating humans’ relation to nature as one of potential connectivity, while the element of water’s constant motion might reflect our evolving relationship to the words ‘fear’ and ‘limits’. See the event schedule for details on workshops in the space.