Graduation show 2016

Emilie Simon Hansen
Decor (fifteen negotiations)
Wood, pinecones, beech nut, rocks, sand, lemon balm, charcoal, ivy, soil, clay, metal screws, plastic, hemp string, cotton thread, pheasant feathers, fungus, sugar, glue, leather string, sleeping mat, fur

Emilie Simon Hansen works within an elastic frame she herself calls ‘situational landscapes’, from where and for which she collects, builds, writes, photographs and draws. The installation Decor (fifteen negotiations) consists of a series of sculptural objects meticulously placed in the exhibition space. Together, they constitute a situation reminiscent of an interior from everyday life (the chair, table, mirror, etc.), albeit here deprived of its immediate functionality. And then again —precisely the notion of functionality is embedded within the objects, and speaks as materials and forms to our idea of bodily interaction. It is these properties, as well as the relation between individual elements and objects, that the artist is interested in investigating, just as she is concerned with the meeting between human-made and non-human-made materials in her practice; the relationship between interior and exterior, public and private. The works undeniably evoke surrealist interests or simply present an alternative logic for perspective, the body and the experience of the world.