Graduation show 2018

Helene Vestergaard 

Entrance Hall
Olie, oliepastel og stof på lærred
200 x 190 cm

Oil on linoleum
72 x 55 cm

Wine bar
Acrylic and oil on canvas
85 x 75 cm

Woke up to find this
Oil and oil stick on canvas
145 x 95 cm


“The paintings exhibited in this show all contain motifs related to different kinds of interior design. The source material are images from my everyday life and I was drawn to them because of their strange logic and ambiguity.They are translated, elaborated, and fantasized about. In this process I become familiar with the images, when they are given my filters, colors and materials.

To me, “taking in”, i.e. interiorizing, is an example of a strategy we use to understand and adapt to our nearest surroundings.What painting does is to interiorize. It brings inside its subjects and motifs, it settles them in a place like a home. Images of the unhomely I want to make familiar again.” – Helene