Graduation show 2018

Bertil Osorio Heltoft 

Augments of F. 1-5.

If none come, somewhere rattle
Oil on Powerclad on wood, homemade prosthesis, various materials

The driver
Oil on canvas

Oil on canvas

Long sled
Jern, Olie på lærred, forskellige materialer

Feeble caress
Oil on canvas, homemade prosthesis


”For my graduate work, I use paintings that build from one to the next and change in relation to their emerging morphologies, and the breakdown and restoration of the accompanying methods and visual language.

The paintings’ objective, the stories and rationales that lie behind them, are indicators of the constant negotiations of an external presence.  ‘It is often what isn’t there that is of interest’. It is also like this with more spatial ideas that occur during the work – and with the frayed nerve pathways’ attempts at renewing themselves. These, perhaps, take up space elsewhere and are then revealed across experienced and painted time.” – Bertil