Graduation show 2014

Funen Art Academy’s Graduation Show 2014

Burning the candle from both ends

May 10 – August 3, 2014

For the sixth time in succession Funen Art Academy holds a graduation show at Brandts. This time in the beautiful, old museum building at Jernbanegade no. 13. The graduation show is the culmination of the five-year education at Funen Art Academy, and in 2014 eleven artists take part in the show.

Participating artists:
Nick Nagel Bojesen, Niklas C. M. Bruhn, Stine Gro, Maj Horn, Christian Bang Jensen, Pascal Mayet, Diana Prim, Anna Samsøe, Luise Sejersen, Johannes Sivertsen, Josefine Struckmann

– When eleven artists come together to present their graduating exhibition under the auspices of the art academy that has been their home for the past five years, one might think that diversity is a hard nut to crack. But isn’t it so that connections have a tendency to appear when they are the least expected? Investigating notions of visual and auditory perception, exploring our ways of understanding the world through the disciplines of science, religion, myths and technology, and zooming in on details that mirror a greater perspective, are all narratives that trigger associations. This exhibition is bringing these connections to the fore, explains curator Elena Tzotzi.

A catalogue is published by Funen Art Academy on occasion of the graduation show containing foreword by Elena Tzotzi and interview with curator and art critic Thomas Boutoux. Download the catalogue as pdf here: Burning the candle in both ends

Performance lecture by graduate student Maj Horn, May 16 from 3-4.30 pm
Artist talk by graduates Johannes Sivertsen, Stine Gro, Christian Bang, Josepfine Struckmann, Luise Sejersen and Anna Samsøe, May 22 from 5-6.30 pm.
All events take place in the exhibition.