Graduation show 2016

Emily Gernild 
Domestic Flowers 1, 2 and 3
Oil on linen

It is the most classic painterly gesture that is presented in Emily Gernild’s three large-scale works in the exhibition: oil on canvas. With a clear and feminist-informed reference to women’s placement and position in art history, Gernild liberally and inquisitively engages with the flower motif. When looking at early modernism’s female artists in particular, there is a clear prevalence of subject matter from the home, the windowsill and the garden. It is these subjects paraphrased in Gernild’s works, as well as the choice of the title Domestic Flowers, that establish clear links to Funen’s female painters, including Alhed Larsen, Christine Swane and Anna Syberg. Here, however, we find a vastly enlarged scale and a minimised distance to the subject matter, which, with large painterly planes, ruptures, rhythms and wild colours, approaches abstraction.