The Academy

Funen Art Academy is a higher education institution offering a long- cycle higher education programme in visual arts.

Funen Art Academy offers a higher education degree in visual arts with emphasis on the diverse practices and theories of contemporary art. The degree programme is not media-specific, but focuses on ensuring that the student acquires the competences necessary to establish an independent artistic practice which forms the basis for the production of works and exhibition activity at high level.

Teaching primarily takes place across academic years. The meeting of students across age and practice in critique classes and courses is a fundamental part of the education.

The academic year consists of two semesters: 1 September – 31 January and 1 February – 30 June.

Funen Art Academy is located in the magnificent building of the former Funen’s Art Museum from 1885, in the heart of Odense. In addition to the school, we also have the Sculpture Hall, which is used for exhibitions by professional artists and our graduation exhibition.

Funen Art Academy is not equipped to accommodate wheelchair users. This applies to both exhibition guests and students. Because the building is listed, it is not possible to install a lift inside or outside the building.

Funen Art Academy is an independent, state-approved institution, and students are entitled to SU. The Academy is financed via operation grants from the Ministry of Culture, Odense Municipality and fundraising.

The permanent associated professors are:

Sofie Thorsen, associated professor in visual arts
Kristoffer Akselbo, associated professor in visuals arts
Mikkel Carl, associated professor in visual arts and exhibition practice