Workshop facilities

At Funen Art Academy we have a smaller woodworking workshop, a printing workshop and a plaster room. In addition, we partner with a number of institutions in and around Odense such that our students can use their workshop facilities.

Funen Printmaking Studio offers expertise within traditional printmaking techniques and facilities for working with various types of print including etching, intaglio and lithography.

Hollufgård is located in beautiful surroundings outside the city centre with a sculpture park and artist residence, with workshops for stone, wood and printing.

Kulturmaskinen is a cultural space in the centre of Odense hosting events such as concerts, talks and exhibitions. Kulturmaskinen also houses workshops for clay and textile.

Odense Film Workshop works with talent development in the form of workshops and mentorships. They support film production by offering access to production facilities, among other things. They also have a film club:

Odense Central Library/Borgernes Hus houses both a music library with a sound studio and the Makerspace with a 3D printer: