The study

Funen Art Academy is a higher education institution offering a long- cycle higher education programme in visual arts striving to provide students with the best foundation possible for the development of a professional and critical artistic practice in a globalised world.

Funen Art Academy has chosen not to have departments nor associated professors dedicated to specific artistic media. The Academy does not teach traditional artistic techniques, but students are free to work within all kinds of artistic media and have access to guidance and technical assistance in collaboration with different workshops and institutions in Odense.

Tuition at Funen Art Academy consists of a mixture of collective teaching and individual guidance. We nurture a culture of discussion and critique aiming to develop student ability to speak and write about their practice.

The study at Funen Art Academy is full time with around 50% of the time dedicated to tuition and project work, and the remaining 50% of the time dedicated to studio work.

Find Funen Art Academy’s Study Programme here: Funen Art Academy’s Study Regulations Basic Module and Funen Art Academy Regulations Advanced Module