Admission, Advanced Module

Funen Art Academy accepts applications to the Advanced Module in visual arts starting Monday 5 February 2024. Application deadline: Tuesday 23 April 2024 (midnight, Danish time) Deadline has passed. 

Admission into the Advanced Module requires a BA in Fine Arts or the equivalent of this from an art academy. Furthermore, the applicant needs to send a portfolio of past work. Please note that previous education in design, crafts, or architecture does not qualify for admission into the Advanced Module.

Applicants who have completed the basic education at Funen Art Academy and whose education at the time of application is no more than two years old are considered internal applicants and thus have direct access to the Advanced Module.

The Advanced Module at Funen Art Academy takes as its point of departure the student’s independent artistic practice, which constitutes the basis for the programme, and students are expected to take responsibility for their own learning objectives. During the first and second semester, students have the opportunity to undertake an internship or exchange. Alternatively, it is expected that students complete an artistic research project within a selected field during the first and second semester. In the third and fourth semester of the Advanced Module, students focus primarily on the graduation project and graduation exhibition.

Many of the courses taught at the Academy are open to all years of study, both in the Basic Module and the Advanced Module. Integral to the Academy’s profile is the opportunity for students to come together across year of study and practice, through courses and in the studios. As a student in the Advanced Programme, you can therefore sign up for offered courses, workshops, practice groups and individual advising on equal footing with other students. Please note that there may be exceptions in the case of fully booked courses. As an example of a semester’s course and workshop offerings, the course catalogue for the spring semester 2024 can be downloaded here

You can read more about Advanced Module and admission guidelines 2024 here. And the the most frequently asked questions are gathered here FAQ

You can also contact FAA’s administration office during office hours: Monday through Thursday from 10 am to 3 pm. E-mail: