Funen Art Academy accepts exchange students from art academies in Denmark and abroad for one or two semesters.

Deadline for applications for the Autumn Semester of 2024: April 1st 2024
Deadline for applications for the Spring Semester of 2025: November 1st 2024

In order for an international student to apply for study abroad with Funen Art Academy they first need to be nominated by their home institution.
The nomination letter is sent by e-mail to before admission deadline.

Your application must contain:

  • A portfolio of work examples – DVD, CD-ROM or on paper
  • A written motivation detailing why you want to exchange to Funen Art Academy. The motivational statement must be written in Danish or English.
  • A CV
  • Which semester(s) you apply for and how many semesters you have passed at your home institution.
  • Personal information and wishes of study (semester(s), year etc.). And e-mail, address and phone number.

All applications are assessed by the Study Board of Funen Art Academy. All applicants are expected to speak, read and write English and to have passed a minimum of one semester’s studies at their home institution.

Funen Art Academy does not accept exchange students on 1st semester, Basic Module and 4th semester, Advanced Module

Please note that exchange semesters at Funen Art Academy do not entitle students to further studies at Funen Art Academy.

Applications must be sent to:
Funen Art Academy
Jernbanegade 13
5000 Odense C
Mrk.: ”Exchange”

Practical information for international students:

Before your arrival in Denmark, you should check whether you are covered by travellers’ insurance or by insurance in your home country. We advise you to take out insurance to at least cover you in case of theft, fire and liability. The liability insurance is especially important in case you cause damage to something or somebody.

Funen Art Academy cannot guarantee you a living-space. However we can help you to find information about possible accommodation opportunities. For information about accommodation in Odense please contact Communication- and Exchange Coordinator Marlene Bregndahl: