1 Year Programme, Advanced

Anne Marie Carl-Nielsen Programme for Monumental and Architecturally Integrated Art

This programme is intended for artists interested in sculpture, monumental art and architecturally integrated art who wish to learn to manage and realise professional artistic commissions in this field.

Admission deadline: 3 August 2022, 12 o’clock midnight (Danish time) Deadline postponed to Monday August 8 midnight (Danish time)

With support from the Anne Marie Carl-Nielsen Foundation, Funen Art Academy has established a new programme for monumental and architecturally integrated art. The programme is a one-year trial programme for advanced-module students, guest students and professional artists who wish to gain insight or pursue continuing education in the field.

This practice-based programme is structured around the artistic and practical process of creating an artwork for the public sphere: from idea, site-specific analyses and considerations, project proposal and communication of the project to realisation of the completed work in the form of a monument, structurally integrated artwork or publicly accessible three-dimensional work. The programme takes as its point of departure classical sculpture and its role in the public sphere as well as the contemporary artistic, cultural and political discourses pertaining to it.

Practical teaching will take place in partnership with Skulpturstøberiet in Svendborg and is complemented by relevant theoretical teaching in art, art history, architecture and criticism, such that students gain the artistic competences and critical and organisational knowledge necessary to realise monumental works, structurally integrated art and public artworks at professional level.

The programme combines practical teaching and individual advising with seminars, lectures and group critique. The programme is open to students speaking Danish, English and Nordic languages. The teaching is free but students are expected to cover some expenses for materials themselves.

The programme will comprise the following elements:

  • Project description and presentation
  • Context and site-specific analysis
  • Process and decision-making – developer, municipality, users
  • Design of the work – durability, lifetime and regulations
  • Finance and budgeting
  • Execution of the work
  • Delivery and maintenance

The programme is a one-year full-time programme amounting to 60 credits. Credits follow ECTS standards.

To be admitted to the programme, applicants – whether students, guest students or professional artists – must have completed a three-year bachelor’s degree in the visual arts or equivalent from another visual arts institution of study comprising subjects, modules or courses of which at least 80 credits or ECTS relate and are relevant to the programme.
Exemption from this requirement may be granted in special cases.

The programme is part of Funen Art Academy’s two-year advanced module, and the programme is SU-approved.

Guest students or exchange students whose study programme is approved for SU may keep their SU during the programme.

Professional artists who wish to undertake the programme as continuing education and do not qualify for SU are responsible for securing grants or other funding themselves.


Funen Art Academy will accept applications starting Thursday 9 June 2022 for the Anne Marie Carl-Nielsen Programme for Monumental and Architecturally Integrated Art, which will begin on 1 October 2022.

The application deadline is Wednesday, 3 August 2022 at midnight CET. Deadline postponed to Monday August 8 midnight (Danish time)

Applicants must have a three-year artistic education equivalent to a BA degree from an art academy or equivalent. Examples of works must also be submitted as part of the application.

Further guidelines for admissions and the link for the online application form can be found here , and in our FAQ we have gathered answers to the most common questions.

You are also welcome to contact our administration, which is open Monday – Thursday from 10:00 – 15:00. Email: info@detfynskekunstakademi.dk.
Please note that the administration is closed in July.