Funen Art Academy accepts applications to the Basic Module in visual arts starting Monday 5 February 2024. Application deadline: Tuesday 23 April 2024 (midnight, Danish time). Deadline has passed.

The Basic Module is a complete study programme corresponding to 180 credits. The programme is a three-year, full-time study programme of six semesters.

The Basic Module in visual arts is a practice-based arts education with special focus on the diverse practices and theories of contemporary art.
The Basic Module is not a media-specific education but focuses on giving students the knowledge and skills necessary to develop an independent artistic practice and establish an artistic production.

Teaching primarily takes place across years of study. It is central to the programme that students meet across years of study and artistic practices through courses and in the studios.

Admission to Funen Art Academy’s Basic Module is based on a professional artistic evaluation of submitted works as well as an interview with selected applicants.

In the evaluation of the applicant’s artistic work, the following criteria are emphasised:

Originality in conceptualisation and execution of works
Independent and critical reflection
Artistic courage and ambition
Artistic and academic potential
Understanding of the context of contemporary art

There are no set requirements regarding prior education or special technical skills. Applicants are expected to have a command of Danish, Norwegian, Swedish and English sufficient to complete the education as prescribed. The primary language is Danish, but there may be seminars, workshops and courses taught in Norwegian, Swedish or English. If necessary, a workshop and practice group in English will be offered each semester, such that non-Danish speaking students can complete the programme within the prescribed period of study. However, there may be compulsory courses taught in Danish.

We recommend preparing for the study at Funen Art Academy by attending study programs or receiving individual tuition focusing on contemporary art.

You can read more about admission and guidelines 2024 here where you can also find the link for the application form. And the the most frequently asked questions are gathered here FAQ

You are also able contact FAA’s administration office during office hours: Monday through Thursday from 10 am to 3 pm. E-mail: