Graduation show 2016

Graduation from Funen Art Academy 2016

13 graduates from Funen Art Academy show new works at Brandts 13 in the heart of Odense

Graduation is the annual graduation exhibition featuring graduating students from Funen Art Academy. In 2016, the graduation exhibition will open on May 16 at Brandts 13 – Brandts Museum of Art and Visual Culture.

Works inside and out
13 young artists are currently completing the final months of their 5-year course of study at the art academy at Brandts Torv in Odense. We celebrate this with an exhibition featuring the young artists’ new work, gathered within the classic museum architecture at Brandts 13. Through the course of seven beautiful exhibition rooms, you will experience works of deep sensuality, intellectual challenge, full of humour and depth. You will even witness a work unfold on the building’s impressive balcony.

Title: Concrete and Dynamic
This year’s exhibition has been titled: Graduation from Funen Art Academy 2016 – at first glance, a rather concrete title, but on which emphasises the fact that the artists are on their way away from the educational institution and onwards into the world to explore, expand and develop their respective artistic practices.
The artists thereby suggest that a graduate exhibition should not simply be viewed as the end of a completed education, but perhaps rather be considered as a point in a longer process – and as the beginning of something new.

The artists in the exhibition are:
Alaya Riefensthal, Anders Christian Eriksen, Emil Linnet, Emilie Simon Hansen, Emily Gernild, Kamilla Askholm Jørgensen, Katrine Skovsgaard, Levin Gjernals, Louise Uth Pedersen, Maj Bjørnholdt Kjærsig, Nilas Dumstrei, Sara Kirstine Grønborg, Svend Bager.

The artists will present video, classic and expanded painting, sculpture, photography, sound, as well as social, performative, and scientifically generated spatial installations.

This year’s curator: Mathias Kryger
Graduation from Funen Art Academy 2016 is curated by the Danish artist, curator and critic, Mathias Kryger. Kryger is a permanent critic for the newspaper Politiken and is part of the Danish editorial group at the Scandinavian online contemporary art magazine, Kunstkritikk. Most recently, he curated the critically acclaimed exhibition William Forsythe – In the Company of Others at Kunsthal Charlottenborg with works by, among others, Bruce Nauman, Sturtevant, Manon de Boer and Gerard Byrne.

The exhibition will open with a vernissage featuring speeches and performances on Thursday, May 26, 17-21:00.

Program for the opening night:
17.00 exhibition opening and speeches
18.00 reading by Kamilla Askholm Jørgensen
18.30 performance by MYRKR og IKI
19.15 performance by Duo Demona (Maj Bjørnholdt Kjærsig and Nour Fog)

Brandts 13, Jernbanegade 13, 5000 Odense C

Exhibition period:
27 May – 7 August 2016

Event program and performances:
Several of the works in the exhibition will unfold in the course of an expanded event and performance programme. There will be concerts, sound walks, debates and talks during the exhibition period. Find information on events and performances here

Catalogue in two rounds:
The catalogue for this year’s exhibition has been developed by the artists in close collaboration with designers and publishing company Eller–med–a. The catalogue will be published in two rounds—one part that will be available at the exhibition’s opening, and a second part that will follow after the opening, and which will include documentation of the exhibition itself.
Eller–med–a is a design company based in Copenhagen and Oslo, which specialises in creating catalogues and books for artists, poets and art education institutions.
The catalogue is available for purchase through this link at B13, Antipyrine Bookstore at Kunsthal Aarhus, Den Frie Centre of Contemporary Art’s bookstore and Motto at Kunsthal Charlottenborg.

The exhibition has been realised with support from:
The Augustinus Foundation, Møllerens Foundation, the Toyota Foundation, Grosserer L.F. Foghts Foundation and Odense Municipality
Sponsors: Egetæpper, Bang & Olufsen and Hi-Fi Klubben.