Graduation show 2016

Anders Christian Eriksen
Squinting at what appears to be almost there

There are no apparent answers in Anders Christian Eriksen’s art. Rather, the intention here is to allow the world to remain open and the process he works with to remain unconcluded. Among the visual modes through which this potentially endless investigation can take place are drawing and collage, which can easily continue beyond their own starting point and expand across time and space. The work Squinting at what appears to be almost there presents a number of examples of this never-ending world, which in the same ways abstain from providing answers: abstract and smooth tool-like objects; a home-sewn apron with prints of various food items; drawn and coloured geometric objects with small photographic prints of the heads of broken-beaked birds. The work vacillates between nonsense and the implicit existential study that arises when dealing with questions regarding the creation of meaning. You have to squint to see clearly. And the meanings that could potentially be created in the meeting between the elements of the works are as infinite as the artist’s open process.