Graduation show 2019

Simon Fiil
En Fabrik Som Laver Ting
Video, objects in recycled material

The work seeks to engage children in thoughts concerning food and everyday life by examining the relational act of design by playfully working with recycled material. “En Fabrik Som Laver Ting [A factory that makes things] should be regarded as a continuous study of how the professional visual artist can integrate into the surrounding community. In this case, to become a part of ordinary Danish people’s everyday life. How one as an artist can move into the non-art institution in order to create value, joy, and thoughtfulness, based on the distinctive and useful skills that the visual artist has in his toolbox. My goal is to meet people, through my own fascination but with shared interests. And leave them again, happy and with a thoughtful look in their eyes. This gives evidence of a new insight into what they may not even recognize as aesthetic sense. Me, I get En Fabrik Som Laver Ting.” – Simon Fiil.

In his sculptural practice Simon Fiil engages with societal issues such as education, environment, infrastructures, logistics gone astray and the choices of everyday life. Fiil has in a period of years worked primarily with recycled materials like cardboard, paper and plastic, wishing to bring focus to recycled material, leading to a series of workshops done in cooperation with schools focusing on creative recycling and sustainability.