Graduation show 2018

Jeppe Jørgensen
Scrying for the Tide
Hammock, VR visor, Computer, Software:Unity, Blender, Makehuman

“It´s time to let go, and let the machines take over. 

I have created a small, synthetic world very much comparable to a slow ride at an amusement park. Even though the viewer is free to move her head, and gaze upon my piece as she sees fit, the view is limited. It only shows you what I want it to show you. It´s time to let go and let the machines take over. I am an extension of the machine insofar as I want it to work. You’re inside a machine looking at the insides from within. This machine was once inside me, now you’re inside it, which, taken to its logical conclusion, means that you are inside me. 

“It´s time to let go, and let the machines take over.” – Jeppe