Graduation show 2016

MYRKR (Sara Troense, Alaya Riefensthal and Jullie Hjetland )
Sound, 20:00 min, loop – singing by vocal group IKI

What does darkness sound like? In the exhibition, Alaya Riefensthal and artist collective MYRKR present a cross-aesthetic unfolding and exploration of darkness as a phenomenon. Through the intersection between research and everyday experience, darkness is explored in a dense installation of atmosphere and sound, drawing upon theatre and sound art as artistic genres. The opening night will feature a 10-minute sound collage that consists of interviews with people who are either situated in the dark or who deal with the concept professionally. Subsequently, the improvisation choir IKI will perform a musical interpretation of what is stated in and about the darkness. A recording of the improvised song will be played in the installation throughout the rest of the exhibition period, creating an interplay of tones, sounds and darkness. A series of audio walks starting from Brandts 13 constitute an additional layer of the work.

MYRKR consists of radio documentarian Sara Troense, artist Alaya Riefensthal and musician Jullie Hjetland.