Graduation show 2019

Heidi Nicolaisen
More Land
Sculptural installation

The piece More Land is a sculptural installation engaged with generating a non-linear space; composed, simplistically, of colour, textures and shapes. Through these elements More Land constructs a temporal description, and offers a way to think about fixation, stiffening, rhythm, and self-relation in a digital and ancestral context. The piece asks what it means to be the heirs to a historically bound emotional pattern, and how we relate to the fact that the source of our current affective structures is to a larger and larger extend tied up with technologically configured processes.

Heidi Phoebe Nicolaisen works within the cross fields of technology, new materialism and language. In her object oriented practice Nicolaisen navigates, translates and develops on ideas presented in literature, philosophy and cultural theory, and is engaged with how different materials and objects relate and react to each other on a formalistic as well as on a semiotic level. In Nicolaisen’s work the material acts in both a digital and physical space, framed by an installational approach informed by affect studies, technology and digital life, Nicolaisen engages with how one object interacts with another in space as performers and producers of knowledge and affects.