Graduation show 2016

Katrine Skovsgaard

What does an otherwise incomprehensible, physical pain look like? Katrine Skovsgaard has created the work (I) based on interviews with people who suffer from chronic pain. The conversations have led to a process of artistic co-creation, where Skovsgaard first took photographic portraits, which were then printed on silk fabrics in the ratio 1:1. Next, the portrayed individual painted a free representation of their pain on their own portrait. Skovsgaard explores whether visualisation of pain has the potential to generate empathy; whether the act of making something visible can generate an intuitive interpersonal understanding. The work thus both focuses on and creates images of an issue that is otherwise invisible and taboo. Very fundamentally, the work challenges the dominant, creating artist subject, as Skovsgaard enters into collective artistic processes renouncing parts of the aesthetic creation. The work is expanded through a series of conversations and workshops