Graduation show 2016

Sara Kirstine Grønborg
Billedstøbning |, ||, ||| 
Printer paper, sewing thread, acrylic paint, epoxy

In her practice, Sara Kirstine Grønborg investigates the internal and external boundaries of paper. The three large works in the exhibition are composed of ordinary white A4 paper, of the kind used in printers or copy machines. The material has undergone a long and complicated process, sewn together in layers and filled with acrylic paint. In spite of its fragility, the paper thereby assumes a new function as container. The works exist — by virtue of their scale and installation — somewhere in between painting and sculptural gesture. They contain a high level of physicality, palpable in both the artist’s meticulous work with the material and in the viewer’s encounter with the overwhelming format of the works. Furthermore, the whiteness and formal vocabulary of the works — referencing pill designs and medicine packaging, as well as suggesting a diagnostic relation to the individual and the human body — broach a question: how can something meant to be absorbed by the body appear as incorporeal as the aesthetics of the pharmaceutical industry?