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Associate professor for the Anne Marie Carl-Nielsen Programme for Monumental and Structurally Integrated Art

Application deadline: 1 June, 2022. Deadline has passed.

Funen Art Academy is seeking a visual artist for a part-time associate professorship for the Academy’s new Anne Marie Carl-Nielsen Programme for Monumental and Structurally Integrated Art.

We are seeking an experienced and distinguished visual artist with extensive knowledge of and experience with large-scale public artworks, structurally integrated art and sculpture in public spaces – as well as the competences necessary to teach this knowledge and practice.

Applicants are expected to have documented practical experience within and theoretical knowledge of the field, as well as knowledge of architecture and the societal issues pertaining to work with public and non-traditional art spaces.

Monumental and structurally integrated art is experienced by a wide audience in public spaces and other common social spaces – spaces which often contrast starkly with traditional art institutions such as the museum, gallery or artist-run exhibition space.

Meanwhile, public artworks often play an important role economically as a source of income for many visual artists. This is in large part due to the ‘Cirkulære om kunstnerisk udsmykning af statsligt byggeri’ (Circular on Artworks in State Construction Projects), which allocates 1.5% of the overall funding for state construction projects to public artworks. This kind of artistic work comes with its own particular set of practical challenges, production-related conditions and artistic issues. That is the focus of the Anne Marie Carl-Nielsen Programme for Monumental and Structurally Integrated Art.

The programme is a one-year course for advance-module students as well as a continuing education course for professional visual artists. We envision a practice-based programme that takes as its point of departure a sculptural practice, focusing on its role in the public sphere and the skills and contemporary discourses related to it. Practical teaching will be offered in partnership with Skulpturstøberiet in Svendborg and complemented by relevant teaching in art, art history, architecture and theory. This will ensure that participants achieve the practical skills, theoretical knowledge and critical thinking necessary to realise monumental and structurally integrated artworks at the highest level.

As the professor responsible for the Anne Marie Carl-Nielsen Programme for Monumental and Structurally Integrated Art, you will be tasked with developing this one-year programme in collaboration with the Academy’s faculty and leadership. You will also be in charge of independently leading the programme.

The position thereby comprises both teaching and programme leadership, and as professor and head of the programme, you will have the primary responsibility for teaching and counselling, as well as the organisation and planning thereof.

We therefore prefer applicants with teaching experience at equivalent level as well as some form of leadership experience. In addition, applicants should have a passion for teaching and guiding students on the basis of their own individual practices. This requires that you have extensive insight into and experience with the diverse expressions and practices of contemporary art.

On this basis, we expect you to prepare students through this programme to work with monumental and public artworks and structurally integrated art in a professional context.


Funen Art Academy offers a five-year higher education programme consisting of a three-year basic module and a two-year advanced module. The Academy has approx. 60 active students. The programme is state-recognised and SU-approved and strives to educate practicing visual artists at the highest level.

The Academy is a locally anchored institution with an international outlook. As a smaller institution, we value collaboration and tight-knit community, such that we can respond flexibly and effectively to the opportunities and challenges we encounter.

Terms of employment:

The position runs for a 10-month period from 15 August 2022 to 15 June 2023, with the possibility of extension. Salary follows the salary scale set out in the Collective Agreement for Academics in the State, Grade 1-8 under the new salary system. Any supplements, including supplement for special duties, are negotiated individually.

The position is a part-time position of 20%, equivalent to one day per week.

We invite all applicants irrespective of age, gender, race, religion or ethnic group to apply.


Applicants are expected to have:

  • a degree from a recognised Danish or international art academy, such as Funen Art Academy, the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Jutland Art Academy or an equivalent institution of education
  • a significant artistic practice within three-dimensional art and articulated knowledge thereof
  • documented practice-based experience with monumental and structurally integrated art as well as knowledge of the field
  • experience with teaching at academy level as well as well-considered reflections regarding the applicant’s role in the context of education
  • ambitions as an educator and a desire to shape and develop the arts education of the future
  • a relevant form of administrative or leadership experience

The applicant must also speak and write fluently in Danish or another Nordic language and be proficient in speaking and writing in English.

The application must be written in a Nordic language or English and include:

An account of the applicant’s knowledge of and acquaintance with the methods and practices of contemporary art and exhibition

An account of the applicant’s skills, knowledge and work experience within the field

Documentation of artistic practice and exhibition activity (portfolio and CV)

The applicant’s ideas and ambitions for teaching and development of the programme

Documentation of the applicant’s pedagogical qualifications and teaching experience from an artistic higher education institution

Application material in the form of a motivation letter of maximum three standard pages, as well as a portfolio and CV and any relevant attachments must be submitted via email latest 1 June, 2022 at 12 PM (noon) to:

Please label the subject line: “professor”

The application, attachments and portfolio may not exceed 5 MB in total. The application, attachments and portfolio must be submitted in the form of PDF files via email. Other material, including catalogues and other physical material, references to websites etc. will not be considered.

All applicants will receive a confirmation via email once the application has been received.

Applicants who are invited to an interview will be contacted in primo June by email or by phone. Interviews will take place 24 June 2022

We recommend that applicants familiarise themselves with Funen Art Academy’s study programme etc., which can be downloaded on our website:

For practical questions regarding the application, please contact:
Administrative Director Jonna Greve Edlefsen
Tel: +45 6611 1288

For questions regarding the position, please contact:
Rector Kristine Kern
Tel: +45 2628 9996