Graduation show 2016

Louise Uth Pedersen
At fotografere biler

Dias, sound, 7:30 min, loop

In Louise Uth Pedersen’s work, At fotografere biler (Photographing cars), we hear about a first-person narrator’s relation to their analogue camera, to the photographs taken, and to the photographic medium’s history and technology. In a looping motion, a series of analogue photographs are presented as slides, and the sound and images together form a staggered, but also very concrete, relationship. The work’s recurring motif is the car, which is investigated as a figure or form. In the work, Uth Pedersen equates the car — the technology, the bodywork, the mirrors, the movement — with the camera, which is similarly a box enclosing its technology. Also the slide projector, with its motor, its light and its temporality, points to this logic. In her practice, Uth Pedersen works with text, sound and images, and the relationship between these elements, often with an eye for everyday repetitions and especially — as is the case with the work Photographing cars — with an interest in human relationships to the things we surround ourselves with.