Graduation show 2019

Jesper Nørbæk
Det kolde hårde bliver umærkeligt, når jeg holder det tæt på

Det kolde hårde bliver umærkeligt, når jeg holder det tæt på is a performance comprised of sound and text merging into a sonic language. On the first floor the viewer sees a suit-clad man with his back turned, standing behind an office-like desk with a screen. The powerful speakers fill the stairway with sharp, deep, and intense sounds that resonate deeply inside the body. The music is composed on the spot, that is, the performer programs the systemic codes that the machine is working with in real time. Through the coded sound and by working with the voice through text, an examination of the state of the bodily and the machine-made emerges from this performance, crisscrossing between something spontaneous and abstract, emotive and monotonous.

Jesper Nørbæk has worked with video, performance and music for a number of years. In Nørbæk’s video works the screen becomes a focal point, as a way of examining the sculptural qualities of the medium drawing on the minimalist aesthetics of the 1960s. Self-engineered generative computer programs have played a key part in his video and music alike, enabling both video and performer to create images or sound in real time. As an integral and concurrent part of Nørbæk’s artistic practice he has formed the band Code Walk, together with his musical partner Søren Gregersen.