Graduation show 2015

Katti Pärkson-Kull
False Principles

The focal point of False Principles is the Styrofoam stucco used for home decoration of walls and ceilings, which can be bought at a DIY centre as a cheap alternative to traditional stucco. The Styrofoam sheets are made from expanded polystyrene plastic, which is also used in the construction industry. It has a serious environmental impact owing to the large quantities of oil involved in its production as well as a long decomposition rate. Katti Pärkson-Kull has hand-coloured a number of sheets in the nature-pattern ‘Spring’, a laborious and in many ways absurd process in which she adds artistic value to a mass-produced material. It is precisely paradoxes like this that interest Pärkson-Kull with regards to the stucco sheets – the environmental harm of the artificial material, which pays tribute to nature’s ornaments.