Graduation show 2018

Jonas Kjeldgaard Sørensen
Silicone, epoxy. aluminium, steel, servo motors, micro controller


The cloak of silicone is casted in the contours of a sheep, orchestra’ by small motors, thus, the sheep comes to life. With a robots’ mechanical movements and a humans’ talking lips, the sheep steps into the lead in this new mythologization that turns the fable into reality and becomes an interlocutor for the future.

I flirt with theater as a possibility – an attempt to reason within the machinery of illusion – that has been the representative culture for us, human-to-human, for an inhuman amount of time.

I reside in prolonged complexities where my performative figures manifest themselves through researched material. The performative room is my studio. A free and privileged space without limits: the objects appear with ingrained mistakes of my own doing, in my animations, and in the audiences’ animated vision of myself.” – Jonas