Graduation show 2016

Emil Linnet
Humans activate dust

Dust, sensor, wall, motor, iron pipes, projector, microscope

The work Humans activate dust is an installation that examines the fundamental question: What constitutes an image? At the same time, the work examines what happens when something otherwise worthless is presented as art and shown within artistic frameworks. Linnet has collected dust from the exhibition spaces at Brandts 13 and enlarged it in the clinical setting of the installation, whereby the dust is first transformed into an image and subsequently into art through the encounter with the viewer.

Emil Linnet extends and explores the outermost limits of art in his practice, drawing upon relational and conceptual strategies. In his installations, he examines how an artwork is endowed with value through the meeting with the institution (museum, gallery, etc.), but how the encounter with the viewer is absolutely essential if the meaning and critical potential of art is to be unfolded at all.