Group show in FAA: Things Are Organized by What They Are

An exhibition by students from FAA:
Amalie Eibye Brandt, Gustav Bisgaard, Jacob Morell, Niklas Majland Bruhn and Sarah Ridao

The starting point for this exhibition was a discussion about the group’s common interests in language and systems, both as something that inform their art practices and a general interest in life At the time the students decided that they wanted to put together a show, Sarah was constructing a new language for a sci-fi story, Amalie was trying to challenge the symbolic language of science, Gustav was researching on infrastructures of trade, water and heat, Niklas was busy mapping his surroundings and Jacob was looking at people online.

Half a year has past since then, and the students now have the opportunity to present 5 new works. Join us for the opening on Thursday November 14th at 6 pm. in FAA Project Room, Brandts Torv 1 4th floor.

Everyone is welcome and we look forward to seeing you!