Can institutional critique in Art constitute a micro-political anthropology? Micro-political anthropology is a speculative term for considering one’s relationship to oneself and the relationship between individual and society. The series of 4 practice led roundtable seminars at FAA set out to explore these relationships. Firstly, by examining the sensory and intellectual system of the body as the space of institutional critique. Secondly, by critically questioning the institutional structures in society constitutive of citizenship and the gender, race, and class divide.

The series of 4 practice led roundtable seminars will bring together practitioners and thinkers from the fields of art, activism, media, law, political theory and philosophy whose work will provide a flexible foundation for dealing with these ideas.

Roundtable #1: THE SPLIT OF THE SELF
Talks by: Cally Spooner 19.00 hrs., 24th of October + Sonja Labianca 10.00 hrs., 25th of October

Cally Spooner (UK) is an artist based in London. Using theory and philosophers as alibis to help her write, and casts of arguing characters to help her perform, she produces plotless novellas, disjunctive theatre plays, looping monologues and musical arrangements to stage the movement and behaviour of speech.

Sonja Labianca (DK) is a musician & composer and Medical Student at KU (Graduating in October 2013) with clinical experience from the Psychiatric Emergency Room of Bispebjerg Hospital. In the field of music she is currently active in ’Selvhenter’ & ‘Valby Vokal Gruppe’ which receives National and International recognition and attention. In the medical field her primary interest lies is Neuroscience and Research of the Brain.

Roundtable #1 takes place at the Auditorium, The Funen Art Academy on the 4th Floor, Brandts Torv 1, Odense
Free entrance and everyone is welcome.

Read more about the Roundtable #1 here