Funen Art Academy presents this year’s Graduation Exhibition – BETWEEN THE ROCK AND THAT HARD GROUND – with works by eight artist: Allan Cruz, Heidi Phoebe Nicolaisen, Jesper Nørbæk, Magnus Fischer Vind, Morten Warborg Hansen, Nanna Katharina Jensen, Nina Helledie and Simon Fiil. Curator: Karen Vestergaard.

The works in the exhibition have a broad scope; from a fictional company, who’s commercials for first world-class products fill the screens to a buzzing massage chair enclosed by a room covered with ceramic tongues, further on to a divers examination of the exchange between human and machine, and the way we deal with each other in the grind of everyday life and virtuality. Find press release here

Opening: May 16th 2019, 5 – 9 pm in the Sculpture Hall.
Exhibition period: 16th of May – 27th of June 2019, Monday through Thursday from 10 am to 3.30 pm.

Funen Art Academy publishes an exhibition catalogue designed by Alexis Mark in connection with the Annual Graduation Exhibition, launching June 8th at 1 pm at the Academy in Odense.

Funen Art Academy’s Graduation Exhibition is supported by Odense Kommunes Kulturpulje and Møllerens Fond.