‘Himmelfalden (Thunderstruck)’ is a solo exhibition by 2nd year student Anna Elisabeth Dupont Hansen. Join us for the opening in FAA Project Room Thursday April 25 from 5-8 pm. All are welcome.

Vernissage: April 25, 5-8 pm
Opening hours: April 29 – May 2nd from 10 am to 3.30 pm.

‘Fake gestation is not a disease but a condition caused by hormones among non-gestationed female dogs in the time after they have been in heat. One thinks that the condition can be caused by too high a level of the hormon prolactin. The dog thinks that it will have puppies and its behavior changes. The condition can affect almost all non-sterilized female dogs more or less. In the solo exhibition ‘Himmelfalden’ by Anna Elisabeth Dupont Hansen the artist explores the body through the image and the image through the body.