film curator Madeleine Bernstorff visits FAA and Brandts 13

German film curator Madeleine Bernstorff has been invited to Odense to give a public talk and film screening at Brandts 13 on November 6 from 7-9. Bernstorff’s presentation is part of a series of public events, curated by FAA and planned in collaboration with Brandts Museum. The events, which all take place at Jernbanegade 13, 5000 Odense C are open to the public and free of charge.

As a film programmer/film curator, my most recent project was about the Berlin artist Margaret Raspé, who from 1971 on shot the now legendary “films with the camera helmet.” She filmed herself painting and doing housework – which opens to questions of a more process-oriented art practice. This project also links to overall questions about the camera and the body and their mutual relations, as well as the relation of the imagemaker to the filmed object, and even more critical: the exposure of persons. In my “own” artistic work, dealing with the small form, I am also interested in historical examples of activism and film. I will be presenting a small ride through my artistic/curatorial practice and we will discuss the inherent questions.

Bernstorff, October 2014