FAA participates in Odense Sculpture Triennal 2014

From June 21 to September 21, an extensive sculpture exhibition will infiltrate the central part of Odense. It will not only take place in Eventyrhaven as it used to. This summer it also makes its way through the backyards and squares of the city centre and all the way to the spring of the Odense River.

20 national and international artists have created sculptures for Odense city – among others FAA students Oscar Erik Yran, Katti Pärkson Kull and Gustav Bisgaard. The group’s tripartite sculpture “Sleipnir, Hugin & Munin” is created specifically for Østre Stationsvej – close to Odense Station and across from King’s Garden and Axel Hansen’s refined equestrian statue with the elegant King Christian IX on top.

“Animisme” is created by Katrine Stensgaard, Myken McDowell and Eleonora Korobitsyna. In contrast to their fellow students their artistic practice is understated, almost invisible. The piece consists of a sculptural object build around a light source located in the ceiling in the underground passage of the former Odense Station. Chalk stalactites are magnified and lit up and bring the viewers attention to patterns and textures that would otherwise remain hidden.

“Still Waters Run Deep” – Odense Sculpture Triennal 2014. Opening June 20 at 4pm, Arkaden, Vestergade 68.
See you there!