The aim of FAA’s summer school 2014 is to travel off the beaten track of where art is presumed to happen, in order to work and experience together what can occur in a radically different context. Oakland, San Francisco, and Berkeley are some of the places that are on our itinerary, where we will meet with artists, researchers and activists during a 2 week stay in the Bay Area region. The idea is to form an environment that can breed critical thinking within an organic growth and exchange of knowledge between artists.

The Beat Generation, hippie “Summer of Love”, the Black Panther movement, Silicon Valley, and Occupy Oakland are some of the civic and technological histories and movements that ground and informs Bay Area’s site-specificity. Through culturally appropriate and collaborative efforts, we aim for this summer school to nurture positive change and challenges to our ways of thinking. Within the Bay Area contemporary art scene and movements, there is an overall Do-It-Yourself attitude that is of note, as it can relate to and expand upon some of our own propensity and curiosity as artists.

FAA’s summerschool 2014 takes place from June 10-24 and is kindly supported by The Obel Family Foundation, Peder Mortensen & Marry Mortensen’s Fond and Ny Carlsberg Fonden. The summerschool is part of a larger FAA project which focuses on strategic partnerships and collaborations between FAA and the US.