Press releases

3rd year exhibition 2016 / So this is what you look like from inside


Welcome to Funen Art Academy’s third year exhibition 2016, where 13 students show new works in Rådhushallen at Odense City Hall.

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Christmas Bazaar at Funen Art Academy


You are warmly invited to attend Funen Art Academy’s annual Christmas Bazaar which takes place in the Auditorium, Brandts Torv 1, 5000 Odense C, November 28, 10-17.

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Stine Hebert resigns as Rector of Funen Art Academy


The Board hereby announces the resignation of art historian and curator Stine Hebert as Rector of the Academy at the end of the calendar year

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School Show 2015 / Fare Away from The Universal Studios


Opening: 2nd of June at 10 am in FAA Project Room – late night exhibition opening at Holmegaard at 5 pm

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3rd year show 2015 / To a Certain Degree


Opening 20 May at 17:00. The exhibition will be open until 21:00 with a concert by Peter Skibsted at 19:00. All are welcome

Graduation show 2015 / Material Witness


The graduation show is the culmination of the five-year education at Funen Art Academy, and this year ten artists take part in the show.

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