Rundgang 2020

It is with great pleasure that Funen Art Academy invites you to the annual open house event, Rundgang 2020. Because of the COVID19 situation, the exhibition will not take place in the students’ studio spaces as has traditionally been the case. In response to this, the students state the following:

“As a result of COVID19, we have had to rethink how to present an exhibition. Like the rest of the country’s schools and cultural institutions, the Academy has had to close their facilities throughout the last months. This has created several obstacles and forced us to ask questions about how we normally work as well as how the classes traditionally take place. The online solution has made access to classes easier, but at the same time created a distance and a lack of intimacy between the students. It has made us ask an important and difficult question:

How do you work together in a room that does not exist? How do you make an exhibition that cannot be shown?

“We haven’t had access to our studios and regular surroundings in several months. Therefore we have had to break the idea of the traditional studio and create new environments to work within. All the works presented at this year’s Rundgang will inevitably relate to the new reality we have all experienced.”

For this year’s Rundgang, the students have created more than one way to experience the exhibition. Besides exhibiting in the Academy’s Sculpture Hall, the students have decided to work with the online dimension that has become a part of their everyday lives by bringing the exhibition into a digital space. They have created an Instagram account that will act as a virtual exhibition, where the audience can get an insight into the students’ works, processes and inspirations. To see what happens when you let a physical and an abstract exhibition space co-exist. Will people want to experience the exhibition physically if the alternative is much more accommodating? In an attempt to create a fusion between the different spaces, the students have decided to incorporate the Instagram-page’s squares into the physical exhibition.

There will always be new ways to create communication between the artist and the audience and push forward traditions such as Rundgang.

The exhibition is open to the public from the 26th to 28th of June from 10am-5pm in the Sculpture Hall, Jernbanegade 13, 5000 Odense C. The online component will go live at the same time at @dfk.rundgang. Due to the current COVID19 restrictions, there will not be a public vernissage.

The following students are presenting at this years Rundgang:

Frederik Brøgger Albertsen, Robin Højlund Baasch, Emma Bojsen, Sofie Brag
Solvej Kørner Brekling, Malte Engelsen, Signe Maria Friis, Emil Grüner, Mads Grønberg, Anna Elisabeth Dupont Hansen, Jonas H. Helle, Marie Louise Hvidman, Mette Brehm Jensen,, Eigil Bakdal Jørgensen, Anton Moesgård Jørgensen, Thomas Klein, Meret Krasa, Christina König, Rumle Larsen, Malte Frej Linnebjerg, Julie Lysgaard , Nuka Marstrand, Jeppe Østergaard Munk, Sofie Sjöo, Frej Volander , Johan Dam Westermann, Sidsel Winther and Wenjie Zhou.

For further information on Rundgang 2020 please contact:
Communication and exchange coordinator, Marlene Bregndahl: