Group show / Content Media

Funen Art Academy presents a group of art students’ exploration of the medias TV, radio, computer games and the Internet.

At the exhibition there will be produced live radio, so maybe you will get the opportunity to hear on the air the sounds you make while you watch the exhibition. In another corner it will be possible to test a modified version of the computer game Ultima Online 2.0 (MMOrpg,anno 1998). The artists have developed several in-game worlds that the guests can explore.

The exhibition is the culmination of a workshop on identity and media, and the exhibition will be in the nature of a work in progress and will change throughout the exhibition period. This is expressed in various stages of finish of the works, some are still in the process, while others are much more completed.

Media and identity
In everyday life, people are increasingly co-productive when in comes to the media they surround themselves with. TV gives the audience a passive role, while the Internet is far more inclusive and in fact created entirely by its users. At the exhibition the artist explore this reality by virtually going back stage by creating their own basic platforms for various media. What will happen if you consciously explore media using your own identity?

Thursday 16th of January, 2014 from 5-9 pm
Everyone is welcome

Exhibition takes place at:
FAA Project Room
Brandts Torv 1
5000 Odense C

Opening hours:
Jan. 17 – 30, 2014
Tuesday through Sunday 10 am – 5 pm, Thursday 12 pm – 9 pm. Monday closed