KAISEKI – an exhibition by Alberte H. Westergaard and Minh N. Nguyen

Opening December 14 at 5 pm in FAA Project Space. All are welcome.
Exhibition period: 15 – 19 December 10am-5pm

FAA student Alberte H. Westergaard and Minh N. Nguyen have co-created the exhibition: Kaiseki

Kaiseki literally means bosum-pocket stone and refers to a zen buddhist method, where monks would carry hot stones in their robes close to the stomach, to ward off the feeling of hunger. Today the word is used synonymously with western haute cuisine, and denotes a japanese meal containing many small, artistically presented, dishes.

Kaiseki, as an installation, works with both meanings of the word. On one side is physical hunger and spiritual satisfaction on the other is physical satisfaction and spiritual hunger. Between the two sides of this dicotomy stands a being, which like any one of us has to breathe, think and eat.

Kaiseki conjoins materials such as fabrics with transmedial imagery, with the intention of creating a space for reflection
on the utmost basic principles of the afore-mentioned being, via concepts such as artificiality, consumption and the cyclical nature of being.

On top of the fernissage on the 14th there has been planned an “udon noodle workshop” on Saturday the 16th of December, where participants can learn to prepare, produce and cook this eastern delicacy. Find more information here

The exhibition is supported by Kulturkontakten Odense