Embroidery and Stinging Nettle Tea

Performance by Ditte Marie Frost in FAA Project Room
23th of November 5-9pm
Exhibition period: 24th-26th of November 10am-5pm

You are invited into a fraction of a room. The institutional white project room is framing the scenography based performance. By visiting Ditte Frost in her room you will be offered stinging nettle tea and embroidery on her premise.

The hostess will invite her guests inside one by one. Here she will make a “tag” through embroidery on the guest’s clothes. The gentle and careful action of the needle traveling up and down the fabric becomes an inerasable mark on their fancy clothes. A tangible connection is created between Ditte and her guest. The guest is caught in a protracted silence until Ditte decides that the undefined sign in black thread has been completed somewhere on the clothes.

The performance is 3 hours long. Afterwards it will be possible to see the setting alone.

Ditte Marie Frost is a 3rd year student at the Funen Art Academy who works with drawing, painting, embroidery and sculpture and often in a mixture between them.