FAA exhibits at Filosoffen

PLAVA LAGUNA CROCK POT at Kunstbygningen Filosoffen
Vernissage: 11/2-2017, 12-17
Opening hours: Tuesday – Sunday, 11-17

16 December 2016 08:14
Plava Laguna Crock Pot “We found ourselves and each other in Plava Laguna. Now, pass me the bread; its time to swim.”
16 December 2016 11:58
Woke up early. Still thinking about swimming with y’all. Use it, trash it, archive it
17 December 2016 12:42
Swim for bread, pass me the blue and remember to polish your pearl.
17 December 2016 13:58
Polish your bread, swim for the pearl, dive into the blue
17 December 2016 22:40
I almost broke my tooth. A pearl in my bread.

An exhibition by Jakob Nilsson, Kate Sterchi, Elina Bergmark Wiberg, Marie Vedel, Alberte Westergaard and David Monberg.

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With support by Odense Filmværksted and Odense Kommune, By- og Kulturforvaltningen