Spend an evening with the graduate students of FAA

Join us Thursday June 16 as we invite you for night of exciting events – workshops, concert and book launch at Brandts 13.
The event is part of Funen Art Academy’s graduation show 2016. All are welcome. Entrance free!

16.30 – 17.15
Kamilla Askholm Jørgensen – Workshop
In collaboration with artist Dady De Maximo, Kamilla Askholm explores the concept of ‘fear’ through conversation and a simple exercise. The artists consider how individual fear may be relevant for others, serving to connect individuals across borders, nationalities and political leanings.

17.30 – 19.00
Katrine Skovsgaard – Workshop
As part of Skovgaards installation, you can participate in a workshop with exercises for the visualisation of bodily sensations. You do not need to have chronic pain — everyone is welcome. Everyone can express their bodily sensations visually.

19.00 – 19.30
Glass Symphony and vocal performance by Duo Demona
A collaboration between Maj Bjørnholdt Kjærsig and Nour Fog (graduates of Funen Art Academy and Jutland Art Academy respectively). The evening’s performance consists of a glass symphony played on 18 crystal glasses and choir, modulated via vocal transformers, auto tune, echo pedals and loops. With their compositions Duo Demona diligently attempts to establish electronic contact to outer space.

Presentation of part two of the exhibition catalogue.
The catalogue for this year’s graduation exhibition has been developed by the artists in close collaboration with designers and publishing company Eller–med–a. The catalogue will be published in two rounds — one part that will be available at the exhibition’s opening, and a second part that will follow June 16, and which include documentation of the exhibition itself.

We look forward to seeing you!