Group show / Death, or the Experiment of Defamiliarization

Join us for the opening of “Death, or the Experiment of Defamiliarization” on December 10 – an exhibition by fifteen FAA students examining the resonance and power of Death in life and art. The exhibition is the outcome of a workshop led by artist Marie Kølbæk Iversen.

To distract and recompose the concept of Death, the students have spent the preceding months examining its different manifestations through group readings and meditations, and in conversation with guest teachers such as: Writer Ida Marie Hede; Professor of Forensics Jørgen Lange Thomsen, SDU; and Kundalini yoga teacher Ruben Prabhugian Singh. Readings have included The “Posthuman” by Rosi Braidotti, “The Sight of Death” by T.J. Clark, and “Heaven & Hell” by Emanuel Swedenborg.

Opening: Thursday December 10 from 6–9 pm in the FAA Project Room, Brandts Torv 1, 4th floor.
Opening days: December 11-13 from 10 am – 5 pm

All are welcome!