‘How to Study’ – A seminar on the current conditions of art education and future methods of educating artists

‘How to Study?’ investigates contemporary art education, exploring the current circumstances and future methods for educating artists. This seminar brings together educators, curators, artists, students and theorists, asking them to join forces in developing an art education for the future, maintaining a place where the institutional framework still allows room for artistic experimentation.

The seminar is organized by Funen Art Academy an takes place at FAA, May 28 from 10am – 8pm. Participation is free but registration is required no later than May 15. For registration please contact organizer Karen Mette Fog Pedersen: kmf@detfynskekunstakademi.dk

The Academy has commissioned the new international anthology Politics of Study. The book examines alternative frameworks and methodologies of study through a series of conversations with practising artists, theorists and educators. Politics of Study will be launched on the occasion of the seminar

Find more information on the seminar and book launch here