Check-in anytime you like!

On the 27th of February 2014 the second year students at the Funen Art Academy will present a group exhibition, which takes place on that single day at Cabinn Odense. The hotel is located next to Odense train station, and the exhibition will be open for the entire day. It is easy to stop by and we look forward to seeing you.

The exhibition is open on February 27th from 10am to 9pm. Free entrance. There will be served drinks at 5pm in the hotel lobby.

The show features works by:
Anna Walther, Kathrine Stensgaard Jensen, Rasmus Myrup Mortensen, Johanne Rude Lindegaard, Dina Lundvall Nielsen, Morten Warborg Hansen, Helene Vestergaard, Kim Richard Adler Mejdahl, Nick Bruhn-Petersen, Anna Weber Henriksen, Oscar Erik Yran, Lilia Zarjetsky

Find the press release hereĀ