Join us for the opening of another great exhibition. COMPOUND COMMUNITY, 3rd year school show at Funen Art Academy.
Vernissage May 29 at 17.00, Brandts Passage 2

The group show consists of artworks by 15 young artists who this year conclude their three-year undergraduate at Funen Art Academy. The artworks are realised in a wide variety of media such as drawing, photography, installations, live performances and much more.  The exhibition offers an insight into what is to be expected by these future talents.

Participating artists: Camilla Hedetoft, Alaya Riefensthal, Gustav Bisgaard, Katti Pärkson-Kull, Jacob Morell, Jona Borrut, Sarah Ridao, Emily Maria Gernild, Jonna Ljósá, Martha Hviid, Iben Lilleriis Andersen, Sara Marie Sandfær, Katrine Skovsgaard, Oscar Dempsey and Emil Linnet.

Join the Facebook-event here or the check out COMPOUND COMMUNITY website at: for more information regarding the vernissage, opening hours and artworks happening outside of the main exhibition space at Brandts Passage 2.

As a part of the exhibition there will be a theatre performance at Theatre Momentum on the 29th and 30th of May, a screening at the local cinema Cafébiografen on the 30th of May, and a fishing workshop in connection with the Odense Havnekulturfestivalen on the 31st of May.

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