3rd year 2019

Funen Art Academy’s Third Year Exhibition 2019

Opening Friday June 14th at 4pm
Kongensgade 15, 5000 Odense C

Behind the glass facade towards Kongensgade, seven young artists from Funen Art Academy present their third year exhibition The Sun Watches The Sun. True to tradition, the third year exhibition marks the completion of the students’ three-year basic training and thereby three years of artistic work. This year however, the students have moved out of the Academy and into a midt town shop space, heightening the exhibition as not only a formal celebration but a reflection of a political and artistic contemporary. The Sun Watches The Sun portrays seven individual stories from the beginning of a collective, artistic journey in a time characterised by national protectionism, climate and gender revolt, submarines and rubber boats, SoMe and MeToo.

Artists: Alberte Westergaard, Samara Sallam, Joakim Hyldebrandt, Phoebe Law, Thomas Klein, Signe Rohardt Lund and Ida Dorthea Thorrud

A new beginning in every repetition
Another year, another 3rd year exhibition – another speech, another curator’s text. The Sun Watches The Sun is a simultaneous embracement and rejection of repetition, tradition and nostalgia. The artists are presenting their work in a shop, implicitly questioning the relation between work and viewer, between artist and society.

The seven third-year students’ work span broadly from sculpture to painting, over sound, photography and found objects, and represent an exciting section of media and methods. Common for the exhibiting artists is however, the use of physical material, the domestic, the sensual and intimate space as a starting point for observations on man’s meeting with the world. Themes of deprivation, alienation, waste, nostalgia and body draws an image of the existential displacements and contradictions shaping what it means to be a young person, and young artist, at this very moment.

The title The Sun Watches The Sun stems from the Serbian writer and poet Dejan Stojanovic’s collection of verses by the same name. Stojanovic reflects on how the strain of eternity is an instrument for human cognition, and thereby sees a new beginning in every repetition.

Curator: Nanna Balslev Strøjer

16.00: Exhibition opens
17.00: Welcome and speech by curator Nanna Balslev Strøjer
17.30-19.00: Performance by 2nd year student Phoebe Law