This year, the graduation exhibition of Funen Art Academy’s Basic Module will take place as part of the triennial SculptureOdense’21, which, as the name suggests, is a recurring event in Odense showcasing art by Danish and international artists in the public space.

Times of Change, as the exhibition is titled, is set in the beautiful park surrounding Artist Residence Hollufgård south of Odense.

Throughout the past six months, our students have worked professionally to solve the difficult task of showing an artwork in such a context. The work must be semi-permanent, i.e. able to withstand weather conditions, while also being ‘self-explanatory’, such that the many visitors who are not part of a narrow art audience feel engaged.

A big congratulations from Funen Art Academy to the students for their outstanding work.

Participating artists:
Christina König, Eigil Bakdal, Jeppe Østergaard Munk, Jonas Hollerup, Sofie Brag, Wenjie Zhou, Line Elkjær, Mette Walsø Brehm, Simon Ganshorn.

Exhibition opening 1 July, 4 pm – 7 pm at Hollufgård
The exhibition is on view until 31 October 2021
Find more information about SculptureOdense’21 here