Stine Hebert resigns as Rector of Funen Art Academy

The Board of Funen Art Academy hereby announces the resignation of art historian and curator Stine Hebert as Rector of the Academy at the end of the calendar year.

Stine Hebert’s decision to resign is the consequence of a lack of clarity regarding the political ambitions for the Academy’s future, which have complicated management and development of the institution’s vision.

The Board regrets this development and would like to thank Stine Hebert for her great efforts over the past three years as rector during a period of constant economic and political pressure.

“Stine Hebert has worked resolutely to consolidate the Academy’s high artistic level and has been successful in establishing the Academy internationally. We will now work towards finding a successor, who can continue the development of an art academy outside Copenhagen that is visible on the international art map,” says Chairman Paul Falck.

Stine Hebert will hereafter focus on her curatorial practice. Professor and Vice-Rector Kristine Kemp will be appointed temporarily as rector at the end of the year.

For questions, Poul Falck can be contacted by telephone at + 45 22 40 25 00.

Download press release as pdf here