New rector at Funen Art Academy

The Board at Funen Art Academy has appointed artist Lars Bent Petersen as Rector of the Academy starting 1 October 2016 and until 30 June 2018.

Lars Bent Petersen is a graduate of the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen (1985 – 1992), where he also served as director of studies (2006 – 2015) and prorector (2012 – 2014). Lars Bent is well acquainted with Funen Art Academy, where he taught in the period 1999 – 2006 and has been an important part of the Board since 2016.

Lars Bent Petersen has exhibited at numerous museums, galleries and exhibition spaces in the course of his career, including Århus Art Museum, Esbjerg Art Museum and Hamburger Bahnhof in Berlin. Through his work, he has established a broad national and international network, which will benefit both the school and its students. In addition, Lars Bent Petersen is an experienced curator.

Lars Bent brings with him a solid foundation for the new position as rector of the Academy, says Poul Falck, chairman at Funen Art Academy:

“With the accession of Lars Bent Petersen, we are receiving a rector who is highly regarded and recognised in art circles. We are also receiving an individual who has extensive experience as an educator at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, the Jutland Art Academy and Funen Art Academy. Furthermore, Lars Bent Petersen has worked as acting rector and prorector at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen. Lars Bent’s expertise will strengthen Funen Art Academy’s efforts to serve as an essential part of Odense’s cultural life for many years to come.”

Regarding his forthcoming work as rector, Lars Bent says:

”I am glad to be back in Odense and at Funen Art Academy—a city and an educational institution that mean and have meant a lot to me, both professionally and personally. I look forward to helping strengthen both the international activities and local ties that already exist at Funen Art Academy and in Odense.”

As member of the Board, Lars Bent Petersen has helped formulate the Academy’s new strategy. About that work, Lars Bent says:

”Funen Art Academy offers an education at high level, but we must also help create awareness of Odense as a cultural city, generate life in the city and form new collaborations with other cultural and educational institutions and the business community. It is a job that I look forward to getting started with.”

Lars Bent Petersen’s experience and network is a major asset for Funen Art Academy in its current situation, in which the Academy is in the process of finding new premises in the city. In addition, he will serve as an important driving force in the Academy’s efforts to increase visibility, contribute to the growing urban atmosphere in Odense and further develop the collaboration with local art and cultural institutions.

Lars Bent Petersen will succeed Vice Rector, Kristine Kemp.

Further information is available upon request from chairman of the Board Poul Falck, email: / telephone +45 22 40 25 00 or Lars Bent Petersen, telephone +45 24 87 56 33.

Funen Art Academy offers a 5-year programme of higher education and is located at the top of the Brandt’s complex in the heart of Odense. The Academy has approximately 60 students divided amongst 5 years of study. Teaching is carried out by the professors; Kristine Kemp, Sidsel Meineche Hansen, Mathias Kryger and Rasmus Røhling.

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